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The new activity that will make you fall in love with dog training again!

Do you like to feel proud of your dog?
Do you sometimes worry your dog’s potential is being wasted?
Transform your dog to super-focused without taking any more time out of your day.

Combining trick training & obedience, Urban Freestyle uses props anywhere around you to create cool combos & routines.


Because in Urban Freestyle YOU choose your training location, you can find the environment which
is suitable for your dog, whether that’s your local park, secure dog field or even just a lamppost next
to a bench!
If you know a walk around the block is simply not enough for your dog, Urban Freestyle is the
Incorporating a variety of exercises into each day reduces boredom, builds connection and makes
spending outdoor time with your dog a more fulfilling experience.

Do you like training in the company of other like-minded people? Or maybe you prefer to work in a bubble with just you and your dog? Either way Urban Freestyle works for you! As part of the UF online membership community, you can access the ever-growing knowledge base of training videos to learn the elements & create routines.

To support you in staying updated & motivated, our online community with weekly training plans, monthly challenges and live online sessions with your trainers are also available.

We’ve all been there- you know your dog is a great dog, but sometimes they don’t show it in public! You know you’re wasting some potential, and you feel guilty that they’re bored but it’s hard to fit regular classes into your busy lifestyle. If you want a satisfied dog you can be proud to show off, Urban Freestyle is the answer.

Hi, we’re Ellie & Eszter.

This all started when Eszter saw Ellie doing cool stuff with her dog Riddle on the museum walls and it was exactly what she used to do with her first dog Chloe- training cool tricks and obedience everywhere, using the surrounding trees, benches, walls, and whatever else we could find.

We are both professional dog trainers helping owners to ‘have better trained dogs’ and we created this program to enhance owners’ success. We love to be outside, we love to train dogs and we are passionate about teaching, too!

Imagine a dog who gets compliments not just on his looks, but on his connection with you. A dog who listens to every word you say, a dog who is physically fit, mentally fulfilled and HAPPY.

Now imagine achieving that affordably without the time constraints of weekly classes. You don’t need to worry about when and what to train next; you have a supportive community and professional guidance all the way, and life with your dog just got a whole lot sweeter!



You will learn:

– How to see objects in your environment as training opportunities

– How to create cool combos which show off your dog’s potential

– How to provide your dog with satisfying activity within your daily walk

– How to take the skills you learn and apply them to other areas of your dog’s life, such as walks, home or other sports

– How to improve your dog’s general behaviour by training things you both enjoy

– How to use your time with your dog more effectively



You will get:

– Step-by-step lessons for everything you need to learn to play

– Bite-sized training plans so you always know what to train

– Monthly challenges to keep you accomplishing great things with your dog

– Live sessions with trainers to solve your training problems

– Interactive community to connect with owners with similar goals


Not sure? 

In the past, you may have wasted time starting but not sticking to a sport, or not being able to get to classes regularly.

Maybe you feel that you are not able to improve, you get stuck and struggle to reach your goals.

Perhaps you are frustrated that you’re not be able to satisfy your dog’s needs.

You need easy to access information that you can use immediately and put into practice.

Maybe you’ve bought books you never read, or have other courses sitting there waiting for you to open them.

For just £29 per month, you can be part of Urban Freestyle and leave all these problems behind.

Urban Freestyle is NOT for you if:

-You or your dog have serious behaviour problems

-You want to learn to do extreme stunts

-You want to use our platform to push a certain training ideology or argue about methods


However it IS for you if:

– You love to learn and achieve

– You want to learn how to make your dog’s life even better

– You love hanging out with your active dog and doing cool stuff


It has taught me how to keep a very active intelligent dog mentally occupied which means at the end of the day I have a tired, happy dog.


The most enthusiastic training we've had in ages!

I couldn't stop laughing!


Urban Freestyle training is such a great way of engaging and connecting with your dog(s)...the training lessons online are so thorough and clear...I wish I could spend all my time training my dogs


I really love the community element and seeing others successes. I love your enthusiasm and support

Woody the Cockapoo's human


Will the technology be easy to use?

 YES! We have specially designed this programme to make it as easy as possible to succeed, even for people who have never used online training before. We have tutorials to help you navigate the programme and we are here to support you along the way

I have dropped out of other online programmes before, will this be different?

YES! This will be different! We have designed the programme to keep you fully motivated that we are confident you’ll stay with us. However, we understand life sometimes happens, so you can cancel your membership anytime.

Can I join part-way through a month?

Absolutely! We have weekly challenges waiting for you, and loads of training help ready to go! If you don’t feel ready to create a Monthly Routine on your first month, that’s fine!

Is Urban Freestyle right for my dog?

Urban Freestyle is suitable for most breeds as the obstacles are chosen by you! Puppies and dogs with injuries or exaggerated features are not suitable for certain movements; please refer to our health & safety guidelines for more info.

My dog does other sports, can I still do Urban Freestyle?

YES! Urban Freestyle compliments many other dog sports and is a great way to keep your training fresh and proof behaviours in new places.

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